Woman Wows After Completing Two Degrees, Starting PhD at Just 21 Years Old


Pakeezah Zubairi from Florida has wowed the internet after she completed two degrees and is now starting her PhD at just 21 years old! This young woman has also bought her own home, truly impressing a lot of people.

Considering that most people complete their first college degree at age 20 or 21, everyone is amazed that Pakeezah was already able to graduate from her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and her master’s in Human Resources Management at such a young age.

Photo credit: Pakeezah Zubairi / Instagram

Moreover, since most people are still starting out on their careers at this age, it is rare to already be studying their PhD at 21. Also, people don’t often buy their house this young!

The senior human resource specialist revealed that she really loves to learn but also hopes on becoming independent from her parents. So, she was already taking advance classes in college while still in high school.

By the time she officially enrolled in college, she was already done with half of the course requirements. This gave her time to find a full-time job. Then, she immediately enrolled for her MBA and completed it at 20, making her the youngest at Lynn University, Florida, to earn her master’s degree.

Photo credit: Pakeezah Zubairi / Instagram

Although she was already working on a full-time job, Pakeezah remained frugal and refused to spend her salary on luxury items.

I feel like all I did from high school until I got my house was work and study – during my master’s I worked full time while my course was full time as well. I would write papers until five o’clock in the morning and then sleep two hours and get up for work,” said Pakeezah.

I was saving money wherever I could, I never ate out, I didn’t go out drinking, nor did I spend a penny on designer clothes, gadgets or holidays. My boyfriend Steven was a massive help, he stayed up with me to study and we bought the cheapest food we could which was all pretty awful for our bodies, ready meals and super noodles. My friend would drive me from work to school every day.

Because she spent her teenage years studying and working, some people think she missed out on a lot of things. But Pakeezah does not feel that way.

Photo credit: Pakeezah Zubairi / Instagram

I probably missed out on a lot of teenage stuff like going out, takeaway food and girls holidays but now I’m getting to do it all in my twenties,” she said.

Plus, now that she is able to reach her dreams and now has a house of her own at a young age, she could fully enjoy her life without any restrictions…


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