UP’s Highest-Grade Record Holder Since WWII Tops November 2020 Physician Board Exams


She made waves in 2015 after obtaining the highest general weighted average (GWA) grade in the history of UP since World War II, but new doctor Tiffany Grace Uy wowed everyone anew as she tops the November 2020 Physician Board Exams!

Before that amazing feat, she also impressed netizens after completing her medical course with flying colors. What a genius!

Highest-Grade Record Holder

Tiffany graduated from her course of BS Biology as summa cum laude and the Class Valedictorian for Batch 2015. But that wasn’t why she went viral. This young woman impressed everyone for obtaining the highest grades since WWII.

Photo credit: Tiffany Grace Uy / Facebook

Graduating with a GWA of 1.004, Tiffany ranks second in UP for having the highest grades ever – with the top place held by Exequiel S. Sevilla, a BS Commerce graduate in 1927 who got a GWA of 1.000. But Tiffany ranks the highest for the post-war era.

It came as no surprise to many, then, when Tiffany once again topped her class as she graduates from UP Manila’s College of Medicine. She was awarded the Faculty Gold Medal and was also given the Dr. Gregorio T. Alvior Jr. Award for Academic Excellence as she graduates magna cum laude and Class Valedictorian of UP Medicine class of 2020!

Photo credit: Tiffany Grace Uy / Facebook

Board Exam Topnotcher

These amazing achievements made many netizens predict that she would be one of the topnotchers when she takes the board exams for doctors.

Indeed, they weren’t wrong at all. Tiffany ranks as Top 5 in the 2020 Physician Board Exams after getting a score of 88.08%. It truly is an amazing feat, considering that only 3,538 passed from a total of 4,704 takers in the exam administered early in November 2020.

Photo credit: Tiffany Grace Uy / Facebook

Congratulations to Dr. Tiffany Grace Uy!


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