Teachers Walk 3 Hours on Muddy Road to Enroll Students at Far-Flung Barangays


These days when online classes are a popular option because schools do not allow face-to-face classes amid fears of the COVID-19 spreading among the students and teachers, a lot of parents are not happy that they are doing the teachers’ jobs. Many of these parents believe that teachers are supposed to be the ones to teach the kids, not the parents.

Yet a lot of teachers are making a sacrifice this year, not just to separately prepare modules and lessons for offline and online use, but to also head out and visit their students’ homes because they are unable to even enroll!

A lot of students live many kilometers away from school and had to travel many hours everyday just to join the classes. But now that the Department of Education (DepEd) is implementing blended learning, many of these kids are unable to go to school because they don’t even have gadgets or electricity at home.

Photo credit: GMA Public Affairs / Reporter’s Notebook – Facebook

But their teachers are still thinking of how these students could still go to school and not skip a year amid this COVID-19 crisis. So, many of these dedicated teachers spend their own money to travel to these far-flung barangays just to enroll their students and provide them with learning materials!

Take for example these three teachers of Pugo Primary School in San Francisco, Quezon. They are assigned in a school up in the mountains. Their students don’t even have electricity at home.

A lot probably have parents who don’t even know how to read and write. Thus, this year’s blended learning would certainly be a challenge for everyone.

Photo credit: GMA Public Affairs / Reporter’s Notebook – Facebook

But these dedicated teachers are not giving up on their students. Though it would surely be easier for them to stay in the comforts of their own homes to prepare the lessons and simply teach the ones who were able to enroll, these teachers went out of their way to visit their students and enroll them this year.

According to Teacher Michelle, they had to walk more than 3 hours on a muddy road to reach their students’ homes at the farthest sitio. Talk about dedication and genuine love for their students…


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