Teachers Camp Out Along the Highway for Better Signal to Attend DepEd Webinars


Public school teachers in Maco, Davao de Oro set up several tents along the highway to find better signal so they can attend DepEd webinars.

The Department of Education (DepEd) plans to do ‘blended’ learning, which essentially means home schooling, for school year 2020-2021. However, there are many areas across the Philippines wherein the internet connection is very slow or even non-existent.

Photo credit: Mart Sambalud / Inquirer – Facebook

While this poses a big challenge for the learners and their parents, it is also a huge problem for teachers who have to make sure that they can deliver their lessons to their students.

To prepare teachers for the monumental tasks they have to do for the ‘blended’ learning program to work, the DepEd prepared a series of webinars that they are supposed to attend.

Photo credit: Mart Sambalud / Inquirer – Facebook

With problems regarding internet connection, the teachers had to go to the upland areas of the town to find mobile signal for them to join in the webinars. These webinars will enable them to prepare for opening of classes on August 24.

Photos of the teachers ‘camping out’ along the highway to find signal went viral after these were shared by Mart Sambalud on the Inquirer. Many netizens took pity on the teachers, commenting that the DepEd should also look into the plight of these teachers in the hinterlands and remote areas.

Photo credit: Mart Sambalud / Inquirer – Facebook

Considering that even the teachers are having a hard time finding signal for the online webinars, many netizens expressed concern over how the students will participate in the online lessons.

Others also pointed out that these teachers had to go the extra mile so they can attend the webinars – would that mean they will go back every day to this spot so they can deliver their lessons when the school year officially starts in August?

Photo credit: Mart Sambalud / Inquirer – Facebookt

Some also pointed out that the webinars are not compulsory. This means that the teachers didn’t have to attend! But the fact that they attended, despite the need for them to camp out along the highway, simply shows their dedication to their job…


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