Teacher Quits Job to Work at Walmart, Says He Earns Higher Pay There

Seth Goshorn, a former teacher in northeast Ohio, quit his job as an educator to work at Walmart.

In a viral post on TikTok, Goshorn shared a short clip of him holding up Walmart’s signature blue uniform with the caption that read “Leaving teaching after 6 years to go be a manager at Walmart and make more not using my degree.” The said 6-second long video now has over one million views on the said platform.

Set Goshorn 1

Courtesy: Seth Goshorn via Good Morning America

In an interview with Good Morning America, the 28-year-old former teacher made it clear that he loves teaching and said that he changed jobs for one main reason: the money.

“I absolutely don’t want this to be that I’m just trying to discourage anybody from becoming a teacher. That’s not the case. I just want my teacher friends to be paid as they should be,” Goshorn told GMA.

Goshorn revealed that last year, he made around $43,000 (P2.36 million) in his teaching job in Ohio’s Stark County. This year, he can make up to $55,000 (P3 million) excluding bonuses from Walmart working as a stocking coach. That’s a $12,000 (P666,000) difference.

Seth Goshorn 2

Courtesy: Seth Goshorn via Good Morning America

The former teacher who has a degree in early childhood education started as a reading tutor and progressed into a second-grade teacher. He worked in the academe for five and a half years before switching to his present job at Walmart.

“Think about how good our teachers can be if they could focus on just teaching, and not have to work a second job on the weekends,” Goshorn added.

Are Filipino Teachers Underpaid

Are Filipino Teachers Also Underpaid?

As of writing time, an entry-level teacher (Teacher I) with a Salary Grade 11 takes home a basic salary of P25, 349. This is considering that he/she doesn’t have other deductions which would be somewhat “miraculous” in a country where salary loans for teachers have become a norm.

Unfortunately, with the continuously rising inflation rates, the pay that an entry-level teacher gets is just not enough to make both ends meet especially for one who has a family to support.


A former teacher in Ohio is opening up about why he walked away from years of teaching to go work at Walmart. “Leaving teaching after 6 years to go be a manager at Walmart and make more not using my degree.” 👀 #news #teacher #teaching #Walmart #degree #education #abc7la #GMA #abc7eyewitness

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