Teacher Praised for Giving Crayons to Student Who Couldn’t Afford to Buy


A teacher earns praise for giving a box of crayons to a student who could not afford to buy them. The student was not able to properly color the assignment due to lack of crayons. Touched by this child’s note on the assignment, the teacher decided to gift the student with a box so that this won’t happen again…

When Velcher Castillo assigned his students to create a t-shirt design for their art lesson, they were expected to color their work to showcase the design.

Photo credit: Velcher Castillo / Facebook

But the teacher was surprised to see that one of his students was not able to color the assignment yet had ‘colored’ the design with labels. At the bottom of the paper, the student apologized to the teacher for not being able to color the assignment.

Sir, wala po akong pambili ng krayola. Sorry po,” the student wrote.

The student’s work had caught his attention and he was touched by the note but did not want the child to feel bad about not being to color the work just because the family could not buy him crayons. So, Castillo decided to buy him a box of crayons to help out the next time the student needs to color something.

Don’t be sorry, anak. Teacher Vel understands you. Here’s a box of crayons for you. God bless and stay safe,” the teacher wrote back to the student.

He later added, “Keep up the good work! See you when this pandemic finally ends.

Photo credit: Velcher Castillo / Facebook

For sure, the student was ecstatic over the teacher’s gift. He also offered words of encouragement to other students out there:

Para sa bawat estudyante, isang mahigpit na yakap. Kapit lang. Laban lang. Tuloy lang. Magkikita kita muli tayo. Know that your efforts are valid and appreciated. Kahit na at kahit pa,” he wrote in the now-viral Facebook post.

Kudos to this kindhearted teacher!


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