Teacher Goes from House to House, Helping Enroll Her Kids with Special Needs


It is already a struggle for most families to enroll their kids to online school and other avenues for blended learning, but it is more difficult for families with special kids.

As the Department of Education (DepEd) rolls out blended learning for school year 2020-2021, parents are expected to enroll their kids. Since many can’t do that, many dedicated teachers simply took it upon themselves to do it for these parents by going house to house.

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Teacher Helene Original Dimaukom is the only Special Education (SPED) teacher at Canizares National High School in Cotabato City, southern Philippines.

Since the DepEd also used online enrollment options as well as the use of drop boxes and other options to lessen face-to-face contact, Teacher Helene noticed that none of her students enrolled.

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In the 40 years that she has been teaching, this is the first time that they didn’t have a classroom within a real classroom. Since she’s already 62 years old, she finds it difficult to attend webinars or do online classes as she isn’t adept with gadgets.

Having difficulties with the modern technology, Teacher Helene made learning modules that she printed for her students. Since her students have special needs, Teacher Helene knew that she was the only capable of delivering these learning modules to her students and explain what they have to do.

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She added that many of the students don’t even have electricity at home. They don’t have cellphones, too. Thus, she had to go from house to house to deliver these printed learning modules because she can’t also contact the parents to pick up the packs from the school.

According to Teacher Helene, she knows that face-to-face learning is not allowed, but she really has no other choice but to visit her students.

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This puts her at a higher risk of contracting the virus and also makes her spend a lot of money on travel expenses because the students’ homes are far from each other. Yet this dedicated teacher will do everything so her students could still study this year, despite the challenges…

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