Student with Cleft Palate Inspires Again after Graduating from Senior HS


He previously went viral for his will to learn despite having a cleft palate and a rather disfigured face, but Rizal Gutierrez inspires anew after graduating from senior high school! This young man managed to overcome many challenges to reach this far…

On iWitness, a documentary by Howie Severino, Rizal earned praise from netizens for his positive outlook in life despite the circumstances. He was born with a disfigured face.

In his elementary years, Rizal was often teased by his classmates. This led the young boy to quit school. Although he had always wanted to graduate even just from grade school, being the laughingstock in school was just too much for the young boy to go through each passing day.

As he grew older, however, Rizal once again desired to graduate from elementary. He was able to pass the acceleration test and enter high school! This time around, Rizal is stronger. He refused to quit even when he would sometimes still hear people laughing behind his back.

Photo credit: Rizal Gutierrez / Facebook – GMA Public Affairs

Thank You God! Sa mga challenges na binigay mo sakin para patatagin ako sa mga failures and inability to achieve something. Pero proven na kung ano ang pinag dasal mo at kung ano ang deserve mo yun ang makukuha mo,” he said.

Though he started out as a shy kid who was too scared of people, he would develop his skills and even enjoyed being an Eagle Scout, the highest rank awarded to a Senior Scout in the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP).

As he graduates from senior high school in a virtual ceremony on June 13 from La Consolacion University Philippines, Rizal received high honors and the Eagle Scout award. Wow.

He had only wished to graduate from elementary but Rizal has already graduated from senior high school! This young hopes to become an architect someday. Congrats, Rizal!

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