Student Spends 24 Hours on Tree for Better Internet Signal to Complete Online Exam


So, you think that online lessons are the best solution to the COVID-19 problem for students?

While it is true that doing online lessons keep the students safe from COVID-19 because there is no face-to-face interaction among learners and teachers, the reality is that everyone has new struggles to deal with! Aside from the problem of not having gadgets or of parents being too busy to teach their kids, many also have problems with their internet connection.

Photo credit: Veveonah Mosibin / YouTube

There are teachers who had to camp out along the highway or go up the mountains to find better internet signal! Many students also do the same thing. There are even students who have to climb roofs to do their lessons or even trees! Whoa.

A foundation student in Sabah, Malaysia, named Veveonah Mosibin is among the students who had to complete an online exam amid the COVID-19 crisis. School did not stop even with the virus around; everyone just had to adapt.

But Veveonah lives in an area where the internet signal is really poor. To find better connection, the young student had to find areas where the signal is strong.

Photo credit: Veveonah Mosibin / YouTube

She had previously made a hut up the hill, but the recent storm damaged the hut. The student didn’t have time to rebuild the damaged hut; thus, she climbed up a tree that was a good spot for a strong internet connection.

True enough, Veveonah had strong signal at the spot, but that meant she had to spend 24 hours up the tree to secure the connection. Using her phone, some powerbanks, and other tools, she set up her camping spot up the tree.

She had also brought enough food and water to last her for some days. Veveonah admitted that the treetop adventure wasn’t as happy as it sounds. She didn’t sleep well at night because of the strange noises she heard.

Photo credit: Veveonah Mosibin / YouTube

A huge hornet also ended up inside her mosquito net! But she managed to escape unscathed. Whew. Thankfully, she was able to take the online exam and the signal was strong enough for her to submit her answers without problems.

While Veveonah’s situation is different from many, students are reminded to do their best in their studies, particularly those who enjoy the comforts of their own rooms with the latest gadgets and stable internet connection…


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