Student Angers Netizens after Burning Learning Modules in Viral Video


Perhaps in an attempt to look cool and ‘astig’, one student burned his learning modules and encouraged other students to do the same. But his video only angered netizens who told him that his teachers put in a lot of effort to create these modules, only for him to burn these for his 15 minutes of fame! Tsk. Tsk.

TikTok user @marjoguilaran uploaded a video with the guy holding what appears to be his printed learning modules from school.

Tips para matapos na yung module mo: sunugin mo!” the guy said. Then, he burned the edge of the modules using a lighter.

Afterwards, he told his viewers, “Tapos ibigay mo yung abo sa teacher mo…

It really angered so many netizens that this student would do this without any hint of remorse. In fact, he was even doing a happy dance as he showed the burning modules and the ashes.

Teachers all over the country are putting in extra long hours to make these modules, only for this student to mock their efforts! Tsk. Tsk. For sure, the teachers are furious at the student. Even netizens are angry on their behalf, telling the student to not get the modules from his teachers if he only plans to burn them.

Really?? Is that the right thing to do?? Sana namn po kinoconseder natin iyong mga EFFORTS ng mga Teachers. Puyat, pagod, effort po ang puhunan nila dyan pati na rin kanilang kaligtasan. Kung ayaw nyong sagutan pwede namn na di na kayu kumuha diba atleast nakatipid pa sila ng ink at coupon. Kung sa tingin mo cool kana dyan, hindi po, nakakainis ka, bastos, at walang modo,” one netizen angrily advised.

Though he might have made this only as a joke and, quite possibly, did not burn the real modules, his actions were still condemned by the online community who told students to respect their teachers and recognize their efforts amid these difficult times…

Here’s the video:

Burning his learning modules. 😤Naalala ko lang kasi ‘yong hirap ng mga teacher sa pag-xerox at pag-sort niyan. Tapos susunugin lang. 😞Astig tingin niya sa sarili niya. Real or not nakakawala pa rin ng respeto.#DepEdPhilippines

Posted by Albert Vallo Bernardino on Saturday, 17 October 2020



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