Son Pays Back OFW Mom for 20 Years of Sacrifices; Rewards Her with All-expense Paid Asean Trip


Parenting is the toughest job one can experience in life. It can never be compared to any kind of profession the world knows. It takes everything from a parent—time, strength even possessions to raise a child.

Yet sometimes, children still complain of the things their parents couldn’t give them, not knowing that it’s all they have. Instead, they keep on asking and asking for more.

We must always remember, to raise one child is already a sacrifice, what more is it to raise seven?

This has been the life of an OFW, who have endured living and working in a foreign country, away from her family. For 20 years, she struggled to ensure a brighter future for all her children, to provide them good education.

And as a product of her hard work and love for her family, today, her children are all professionals: Certified Public Accountant, Licensed Professional Teacher, Registered Nurse, Pharmacist and Midwife, Civil Engineer, Master Master Plumber and Information Technologist. Wow! It was all worth it!

And yes, as what her son, Hans, said, it’s ‘Graduation Time’ for his Mom.

Now that he’s no longer the a kid who throws tantrums whenever his mother leaves for Hong Kong, he believes that it’s high time to pay back for their mother’s sacrifices since he was six.

“It’s time to go home, Ma!” he said.

And from a post in his Facebook account, he shared a photo of him while he was fetching his mother from Hong Kong.

Photo credit: Hans Alcanzare / Facebook

“It’s your graduation day, Mom!” Hans told his mother.

And to start their ‘payback time’, he gave his mother an all-expense paid Asean trip where they first visited Singapore!

Photo credit: Hans Alcanzare / Facebook

Photo credit: Hans Alcanzare / Facebook

“We love you, Mom!” Hans said.

And from this day, his mother is already free from the contract of working for others. She can now enjoy all the time she has with her children to make up for the lost times. Well, it’s never too late.

So to all the sons and daughters reading this story, please take time to say ‘Thank you’ to your parents, especially those who are working away from home. Appreciate even the small things they give to you because there surely is a sacrifice behind it.

Keep this saying in your heart, “Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we forget they are also growing old.”

Source: Rachfeed / Hans Alcanzare / Facebook


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