Professor Doesn’t Require Internet for Online Class, Lets Students Schedule Lessons


Dr. Rodney Cajimat is a professor at Nueva Vizcaya State University, a public university in Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines.

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The Biology teacher is earning praise online after sharing how he aims to boost his students’ immune system by letting them schedule their online classes on their own pace. He also doesn’t require his students to have an internet connection to attend their online classes.

While not common, the compassionate nature of teaching methods earned admiration from students and teachers alike.

Professor Doesn’t Require Internet Connection

These days, a lot of colleges and universities expect students to be connected to the internet to attend their online classes and submit their lessons on time. This is an added burden and expense for students, but many teachers also have no choice but to require these students to be online during their lessons.

For Cajimat, however, that might not always be practical especially for his students who either don’t have access to a stable internet connection or can’t afford to buy load for internet connectivity. To make things work, Cajimat makes use of the ‘conference call’ feature on his phone.

The students only need to find a spot with cellular signal and can even use a basic phone. Though the ‘conference call’ feature can only be used by 6 people at the same time, Cajimat said that this is actually more beneficial for his students.

Ideal for small group discussions, this option lets him connect with his students even if they don’t have an internet connection to attend their online classes.

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Boosting Students’ Immune System

Cajimat also explained that as a Biology professor, he knows how stress can weaken one’s immune system. This easily correlates with stress affecting the well-being of students. So, he aimed to find a way to help his students feel more relaxed while still making sure that they pass their requirements.

Apparently, this professor aims to boost his students’ immune system by letting them schedule their online classes at their own pace! They can work on these lessons anytime they wanted, as long as they do it on a chronological manner and complete the tasks in 5 weeks.

As a Biology Professor, I know that high stress level can weaken someone’s immune system. And weaker immune system will make someone more vulnerable to diseases. So there! Naisip ko, dapat as teacher hindi dapat ako magcontribute sa stress ng students, or atleast, alam ko na nakakastress din acads so dapat magisip ako ng something for students’ wellness and well-being,” Cajimat explained.

So nakaisip ako ng paraan! Here is the Lesson Playlist. It is a set of activities for the students. Pero self-paced sya! Time frame lang ang binigay ko, and students ang magseset ng deadline sa bawat task.

Through his “Lesson Playlist”, he encourages his students to actually enjoy their lessons and prioritize their health. He also tells his fellow teachers to also think of the well-being of their students.

Wag tayo dumagdag sa stress, or sana magisip tayo ng activities on wellness na makakabawas stress sa students! Dahil if happy ka, lumalakas ang ating immune system dahil bumababa ang ating stress level. Sa panahon ngayon, kailangan ng matibay na resistensya!” Cajimat added.

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