Pinoy Student Wins Php1.9 Million for Invention Made from Crop Waste


A Pinoy student recently won £30,000 (around Php1.9 million) after winning the international design award for an invention he made from crop waste! Whoa.

An engineering student from Mapua University, 27-year-old Carvey Ehren Maigue won the first-ever sustainability prize given by The International 2020 James Dyson Award. Winning against nearly 1,800 entries from inventors all over the world, Maigue wowed the judges with his invention that actually has a lot of practical applications.

Photo credit: James Dyson Foundation/ YouTube

The invention which he calls as AuREUS can make use of crop waste such as discarded fruits and vegetables to absorb stray ultraviolet rays from the sun and turn these into renewable energy.

Because the technology absorbs ultraviolet light, the invention does not need to face the sun to collect and convert solar energy to electrical energy. This makes this an excellent device to be used because the usual window glasses can be replaced by AuREUS and essentially make an entire building into vertical solar energy farms.

AuREUS is actually a material, or a technology, that allows other devices to harvest ultraviolet light and convert it into electricity. AuREUS is based on a plastic material, so it can be formed into different shapes,” Maigue explained.

Photo credit: James Dyson Foundation/ YouTube

Moreover, the organic luminescent compounds from rotting crops can be used as source for his invention because these “turn high energy violet waves into visible light”. The visible light is then converted into electricity using solar panels and solar films.

In the Philippines, a lot for farmers lose their crops during typhoon season. Instead of these just going into waste, the materials may be used for AuREUS.

Photo credit: James Dyson Foundation/ YouTube

With that in mind, Maigue intends to make his product readily available in the market soon. He plans on focusing on research and development for this to happen.

The invention has impressed the judges of the award which is given by the foundation of British inventor, industrial designer and entrepreneur James Dyson.

Watch his invention here:


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