Motorcab Driver Returns Bag with Php2 Million Owned by Foreigner


Php2 million can buy a lot of things, even including a small house and lot; you can even add a small car. It can also buy a lot of clothes, food, motorcycles, and many things, including a fleet of motorcabs and various businesses.

But one motorcab driver didn’t feel the least bit tempted to use the Php2 million he found inside a passenger’s bag. Instead, he chose to turn over the bag to the nearest police station.

Dennis Geverola had just taken a foreigner to his destination when he noticed that the man had left his bag inside the motorcab. But because the foreigner had already gone away, the motorcab driver could no longer find him.

Upon checking the bag’s contents and finding the money, the motorcab driver immediately knew he had to take this to the nearest police station. Telling other people about it might lead to him losing the money if someone takes interest in the cash.

At the station, the motorcab driver endorsed the bag filled with money and other important documents to the cops.

Later, the cops would call Geverola back to the station after the foreigner arrived to claim his bag. The foreigner was certainly glad that his money was returned.

While it was unknown whether the foreigner had given Geverola any reward, a lot of netizens said that he would receive good karma for his good deed. Many praised the motorcab driver for his honesty, saying he could have easily run away with the money and no one would know what he did.

Others did laugh at Geverola for returning the cash, saying that he deserves it under the supposed “Finders, Keepers” rule, yet the motorcab driver knew it was not his money to spend. The foreigner was still the rightful owner.

He could have kept the bag full of money, yet he chose to do what is right. Kudos to you, Sir!

Image credits: Facebook / Hanep TV


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