McDo Guard Melts Hearts for Moving Sleeping Streetkid to ‘Bed’ He Made for Child


It is a sad reality that in many cities across the Philippines, there are lots of streetkids and homeless people. Many of these streetkids are children of homeless families who just wander away on their own, in search of better fortune for themselves.

Sadly, these streetkids often have no one to care for them and look for their well-being, even in terms of providing them with enough food and shelter.

So, when a security guard working at McDonald’s made a bed for a sleeping streetkid before moving the child to the makeshift bed, netizens were greatly amazed by his kindness.

Khim Salamat Banaag shared photos of the heartwarming moment after witnessing the guard preparing the bed on the sidewalk. According to Khim, they were out with friends at around 11PM on Christmas Day when they decided to dine out at McDonald’s outlet in Bulacan.

While waiting for their food, Khim noticed the establishment’s security guard carefully preparing a flattened-out box on the sidewalk. Curious, Khim watched knowing that the guard is on to something as he certainly would not be the one to sleep on that spot.

After the guard was done preparing the box, he moved to the parking lot and picked up a small streetkid who had fallen asleep on a traffic cone. The unnamed kid looked really tired and had even slept while sitting down, leaning his upper body towards the cone.

It was sweet of the security guard to show his concern for the boy. Instead of driving him away from the establishment like most guards are instructed to do, this guard made sure the kid was more comfortable.

While the bed was made of a box and laid down on the pavement, it was still so much better than his previous position on that traffic cone. This led many netizens to praise the security guard, saying he was certainly a great man who should be followed by many people.

Later, after the post went viral, the security guard was identified as Joselito Cunanan from Paombong, Bulacan.

Kudos to you, Sir!


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