Loyal Dog Waits Many Months for Late Owner to Come Back


A dog has recently been dubbed as the ‘Modern Day Hachiko’ after it waited many months for its owner to arrive. But the dog waits in vain because there is no chance the woman would ever come back…

Motorists passing through a busy thoroughfare in Hohhot, a city in Inner Mongolia, noticed that a dog had been sitting near a railing by the roadside for a long time. It could be seen at the spot, night or day.

Soon, the dog would become an internet figure after curious netizens shared photos and videos of the poor canine waiting by the roadside. Everyone wanted to know why the dog was there and why no one took it home.

It turned out that the dog’s sad vigil started last August 21, 2018 when it was left on that road after its owner met an accident. The female owner was rushed to the hospital, but the dog was confused by the proceedings that it was unsure where its owner had gone.

With no idea that his owner was forever lost, the dog continued to wait at the roadside for her to return.

After learning of the dog’s plight, a number of concerned animal lovers tried to give it some food. Others attempted to bring it to an animal shelter, but the loyal creature appears to refuse the items they provided and would not go with anyone who tried to take it off the street.

So, these volunteers made sure to put food and water some meters away from the dog, providing it with sustenance that he could find nearby.

The weather is getting colder, and waiting in the middle of the road is not sustainable in the long run. Hope the family members of the dog’s owner or the relevant authorities can take care of the dog,” one netizen wrote.

A lot of netizens hoped the woman’s family would come forward soon to save the poor dog as it could freeze in the cold winter if it remains on that road…


Image credits: Pear Video / YouTube


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