Kid Enrolls Self via PisoNet, Earns Praise for His Determination


A kid spotted enrolling himself at a pisonet earned admiration for his determination to study despite the difficult circumstances that he and his family is facing.

His story reverberated in the community, especially because he is not the only one who’s experiencing similar issues amid the plans for distance learning this school year.

Photo credit: Peter Salire De Guzman / Facebook

Peter Salire De Guzman noticed a boy at a pisonet shop just across his home in Barangay 178, Caloocan City. Seeing that it was 8:30 in the evening, he was concerned that the kid would be caught by barangay tanods for violating the curfew at their area.

Thinking that the boy was just playing online games, Peter went inside the shop to scold the kid. Much to his surprise, the boy was actually trying to enroll himself online! The kid was identified as Jhonel Agner, 12, and an incoming Grade 7 student.

Photo credit: Peter Salire De Guzman / Facebook

Peter saw that Jhonel was having a hard time with the enrollment form because the kid could not understand some of the questions on the form. According to Peter, the boy was struggling with the form but truthfully answered that they had no internet at home, he had no gadgets, and his parents don’t have work due to quarantine.

Peter even gave Jhonel some coins after seeing that his time was almost up but he still wasn’t finished with his online enrollment.

But he later learned that Jhonel had a more heartbreaking story to tell. Aside from struggling with finances, the kid hails from a broken family. His parents had split and he has not seen his mom for a long time.

Meanwhile, his dad Joel Agner is not home most of the time because he is a construction worker. According to Joel, he wishes to help his son but aside from needing to go to work, he can’t also understand the forms or Jhonel’s lessons. The only thing he could give the kid is moral support…

Watch their heartbreaking story here:


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