Justice Denied for the Poor? Court Denies Entry to Family Wearing Slippers


It is truly difficult being poor. Many of them can’t even find enough money to buy food so their families could eat three times a day. A lot also get in trouble with law but have no means to help themselves out of their predicament.

But is justice really just for the rich? The government does provide its citizens with free lawyers through PAO yet many people are still under the impression that the private-practice lawyers are the ones that get to win more cases that those in PAO.

At a Hall of Justice in Valenzuela City, a family was photographed outside the courthouse. They were unable to enter because they were wearing slippers. The guard refused to let them enter; though we can’t blame him as he was only following the mandate of the facility he was working in.

Outside the door of the courthouse, a sign warns the visitors about the dress code inside the “Bulwagang Katarungan” (Hall of Justice) Valenzuela City. Slippers were, indeed, listed on clothes not allowed inside the courthouse.

Photo credit: Facebook / Ria C. Fernandez

While it is understandable that the court would require its staff, workers, and especially the lawyers to wear a dress code, a number of netizens are questioning why everyone else is also required to do the same.

Turned away from the court because they were wearing slippers. Justice in the Philippines is only for those who can afford shoes,” netizen Ria C. Fernandez wrote as she shared the photo of the family not allowed to enter the court.

The post quickly went viral, with people slamming the courts for being anti-poor. After all, many of these poor folks could not even afford to buy food for their families to eat three times a day, how could you expect them to also afford to buy shoes?

Many are calling for the courts to change the dress code to allow slippers and other clothing items, as long as the people are wearing decent attire.


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