Instead of Giving Test for Democracy Subject, Teacher Asked Class to Register as Voters


A teacher has found the best practical exam for the students in his Democracy class by making them register as voters for the 2022 elections!

Marco Paolo M. Lovendino shared a screenshot of his class as they showed the printed slips they received from the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) after they registered as voters.

He explained that though he can ask them to memorize the theories and facts about democracy for a long test, the students will learn more about the lesson through practical application. The best way to do that is by letting them take the first step to real democracy.

The teacher shared photos of his class on Facebook, proud of what he and the class were able to achieve. Though the election is still far away, it’s already a good thing that the class is ready to vote.

Photo credit: Marco Paolo M. Lovendino / Facebook


We were discussing the principles of democracy in my HUMSS class. But instead of giving them a long test, I just asked them to register as voters for the 2022 elections. Pwede kong ipamemorize sa kanila lahat ng facts about democracy. Pero mas magiging meaningful yung learning kung magagamit nila sa reality. And that’s the true essence of democracy.

Our country deserves better. Sa 2022, TAYO NAMAN!

A lot of netizens admired the teacher for making his class do this, knowing that a lot of people across the country still have not registered as voters despite reaching the minimum age requirement.

There were netizens who suggested, however, that the teacher also teach his students to vote wisely. After all, just registering as voter but voting the wrong person because they were paid off before the election is also not a good thing!

But for many, what is important is that this teacher taught these students the practical way. It’s up to them to apply what they learned in the future.


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