Grade 1 Girl Corrects Module Questions on Gender Stereotyping of Toys


She might still be in Grade 1 but little Ayesha Agura has made waves online for being a wise young girl, breaking a gender stereotype on toys while answering her lessons from school.

According to Dianne Agura, the older sister of Ayesha, she was tutoring her younger sibling using the modules she got from school but was surprised with the Grade 1 girl’s answers in one of the questions on her Araling Panlipunan subject.

The lesson was about the basic needs of human beings. In one of the questions, the kids were asked to differentiate the toys by putting a box around the ones for boys and to encircle the toys for girls. But Ayesha put a circle and a box around all the toys!

Photo credit: Dianne Agura / Facebook

At first, Dianne thought that her sister was just confused with the lesson but she was surprised by the younger girl’s explanation. Ayesha explained that she answered in this manner because all the toys can be for both genders, adding that she also loves to play with toy cars and dinosaurs even if she’s a girl!

Ate, ang laruan kase pwede naman lahat yan sa babae at sa lalake eh. Ako nga diba naglalaro naman ng kotse kotse-han at dinosaur. Lalaki ba ako? Diba hindi naman? Edi pwede to sa babae. Parang damit Ate diba? Pag ang lalaki nagdamit ng dress, hindi naman agad bakla diba? Eto talaga si Ate hindi marunong,” the young girl told her older sibling.

But apparently, this isn’t the first time that this young girl answered her lessons in a manner that one might not expect for such a young student, her sister added.

Photo credit: Dianne Agura / Facebook

Because some netizens commented that Dianne only made up the story to go viral, she explained in a follow-up post on Facebook:

Ayesha’s actually just like any other kids who is also makulit, madaldal but I guess what separates her from others is how she view LOVE and RESPECT and apply them to all types of people regardless of their gender orientation, status and color.

She loves to learn from stories of people in all walks of life kaya sobrang daldal nya and her countless why’s na nakakarindi na din minsan. She is also very open minded despite of her young age and has already been exposed and taught on the concept of consent, respect for people and importance of education.”

(P.S. She is also very fascinated with Black Holes and Planets, guys.,.,. 😭 SHE CAN LECTURE HOW BLACK HOLE FORMS AND ITS DIFFERENT TYPES NA HINDI KO DIN ALAM NA ALAM NYA. Yung YouTube recommendation ko puro DR. BINOC’S SHOW hindi COCOMELON.)

Good job, Ayesha!


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