Girl Breaks Piggy Bank, Uses Savings for Phone to Attend Online Classes


In many places around the world, schools are implementing online classes for distance learning. This is to keep the kids from going to a physical school. With this new learning plan, students will ideally be safe from COVID-19.

But most students don’t even have their own gadgets to participate in these online classes, yet many of the learners don’t want to be left behind by their peers. This led to a number of problems, including challenges on where parents could find enough cash to buy the gadgets or pay or the monthly internet bill.

Saowalak Chantakanok, a shop assistant at a Huawei outlet in Thailand, recently shared photos of a kid who had to break her piggy bank so she can buy a phone. According to Saowalak, the girl and her grandfather went to the shop to find a phone that she can buy with her money.

Photo credit: Saowalak Chantakanok / Facebook

The grandfather was even concerned that the shop might not accept their money because he thought you could only buy a phone with a credit card. The two were happy to learn that the shop accepts cash, Saowalak narrated.

The shop assistant even chatted with the two, teasing the girl about buying the phone so she can play mobile games.

But she was surprised when the girl replied that she opened her piggy bank to buy a phone so she can attend online classes! That’s when she noticed that the two were paying for the phone in several smaller bills and coins.

Photo credit: Saowalak Chantakanok / Facebook

I want to know who approved about studying through online [school]… See what you present, but do you know that the struggle has happened for those who have low capital… Look at this kid has to hakka a jar to want to study like Friends… I asked the little girl if she bought it to play games. ‘No, I will take it to online class with my friends,’” Saowalak wrote.

Isn’t this sad? But many netizens praised the kid for having enough savings to buy a phone she needed for school…


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