Foreigner Picks Up Trash at BGC by Herself, Earns Praise for Good Deed


A foreigner recently went viral for her concern on the environment as she picked up trash by herself at BGC Forum. She was praised for her good deed and has sparked calls for Filipinos to be more responsible in throwing garbage properly.

Now, when it comes to saving the environment, it seems that a lot of Filipinos don’t really feel so concerned.

Of course, you would see a lot of Pinoys making noise on social media to protest ‘anti-environment’ acts such as the supposed record-breaking balloon drop event for New Year’s countdown of Nightclub Cove Manila, but these same people are also the ones who have no qualms at throwing their trash anywhere.

Netizen John Mendel Espina was walking at BGC Forum when he noticed a female foreigner who was busy picking up trash at the grassy area. The woman was holding a plastic bag that already had a significant amount of plastics and other trash inside.

Curious, Espina backtracked to the foreigner after first ignoring her. He would learn that her name is Randi Emilie Dahlen. The foreigner hails from Norway.

Just watching her, Espina felt ashamed that Filipinos have made such a mess in this place, but a foreign visitor is cleaning up the area. He apologized to Dahlen in behalf of the Filipinos, also thanking her for what she is doing.

Well someone has to do an initiative, right?” Dahlen replied.

Her reply left Espina speechless, especially because he could not really help her at the time as he had important matters to attend to. As he made the post about Dahlen’s good deed, however, Espina admitted that perhaps he was also just trying to find an excuse not to help, just like what most people do.

While Espina was not able to help Dahlen clean up that part in BGC on that day, he was able to share her advocacy to the world. This sparked calls from netizens for everyone to be more responsible.

Even Espina admitted that he sometimes throws his trash everywhere, but he promised that he would change his ways from now on. While Dahlen couldn’t possibly clean up the entire Philippines, even the entire BGC, at any given day if she does it on her own, it could actually be achieved if everyone helped do their share.

Indeed, all it takes is for someone to do an initiative, right?


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