For Schools Destroyed by Recent Typhoons, It’s Back to Zero in Printing Modules


Typhoon Rolly brought a lot of devastation in the Philippines, damaging thousands of homes and various infrastructures, including shopping malls and schools!

What’s sad is that for those schools destroyed by the typhoon, it’s back to zero in printing the learning modules. Aside from the modules being destroyed in these schools, the ones the students had at home were also damaged as well.

Photos by Summer Sky / Facebook

What’s worse, Rolly wasn’t the only typhoon to hit the country this year, of course. Many of these typhoons also caused floods and landslides in various areas.

In photos shared by netizen Summer Sky who happens to be a public school teacher, their school was inundated after Typhoon Pepito hit their hometown in Calauag, Quezon.

Photos by Summer Sky / Facebook

The day before the typhoon, they were already done printing a lot of learning modules for their students and had prepared the materials they needed for the next batch. But the flood damaged many of the printed modules as well as various equipment in the school.

Photos by Summer Sky / Facebook

The next typhoon, Quinta, also caused much damage to many schools but Rolly damaged more. Said to be the world’s strongest typhoon this year, the typhoon was identified as a super typhoon shortly before it made landfall in Catanduanes.

Aside from its strong winds that led to the rare signal no. 5 raised in several areas, Rolly also brought lots of rain that caused widespread flooding and landslides. Places near the Mayon Volcano experienced dangerous lahar flows that buried several villages under thick mud and huge boulders.

Photo credit: Regie Viñas / Rappler – Facebook

Again, plenty of schools and modules were damaged by the typhoon. San Antonio National High School in Tabaco, Albay, is one of the schools badly affected, with classrooms getting their ceilings and roofs destroyed.

Photos by Regie Viñas / Rappler – Facebook

Sadly, life must go on and the teachers must return to the schools to get the modules ready once again. It’s back to zero in printing the learning modules for hundreds of teachers, but everyone is determined to start all over again because they know the kids badly need their help…


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