Father Barters His Chickens to Buy Cellphones for Kids’ Online Class


While his four children picked “modular distance learning” as mode of learning for school year 2020-2021, they still needed cellphones for quizzes or other class requirements. So, one dad in Naga City decided to barter his chickens for a second-hand cellphone.

Netizens were touched by this dad’s determination to make sure his children can keep up with their lessons. So, many offered to send him cellphones for the kids without taking the chickens he offered for trade.

Photo credit: Inquirer

Rommel Enriquez, 46, has four sons who will are incoming Grades 10, 8, 7, and 2 in Carolina National High School and Carolina Elementary School in Naga City, Camarines Sur.

He used to sell fruits with his wife. They earn about Php5,000 for a month and a half. They also raise chickens and rabbits. But the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to stop selling.

After losing their main income source, Tatay Rommel felt worried that his children will have a hard time keeping up with their lessons. They do have one cellphone at home but because they have four kids, the four had to take turns using it to check messages from their teachers or sending something back.

Tatay Rommel is also worried that no one will be able to help the kids with their studies as he and his wife are planning to continue selling fruits to earn money for their food. Knowing that the kids, will need a cellphone, he decided to barter his chickens.

Modular learning po ang gagamitin ng school nila, ngunit kailangan pa rin ang cellphone sa mga quizzes or exams, at sa ibang subjects,” Tatay Rommel explained.

Naawa rin po kasi ako sa mga anak ko kung wala silang magagamit sa pakikipag-komunikasyon sa kanilang mga guro. Nagsasalit-salitan po kami upang makakonek sila sa (group chat) ng bawat grade section dito sa phone ko, anim po na account ang ginagamit.

Photo credit: Inquirer

Tatay Rommel’s post went viral, with many netizens touched by his love for his kids. Dozens offered to give him a cellphone without taking the chickens.

What’s so wonderful is that Tatay Rommel did not accept all the offers. Instead, he only accepted some and turned down the others, saying that he knows he is not the only one who needs help and would only receive what his kids needed. Wow.


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