Farmer’s Son Becomes Criminology Board Topnotcher


    Fahadale Abbas, the son of a farmer who battled the obstacles of poverty, was declared the topnotcher of the Criminology Licensure Exam (CLE) held in November 2019. Having grown up with financial issues, Abbas revealed that there were times wherein he had no baon in school and he would have to walk to school without shoes despite his school being a kilometer away from his residence. When he did have food to bring, he would survive only on either a kamote or banana.

   In spite of the hardships Abbas experienced as a student, he was motivated to become a policeman in order alleviate his family from poverty. Eventually, he was one of the scholars funded by the Davao City government as a program member of STEP (Scholarship on Tertiary Education Program). He then finishes his studies and achieves his college degree in St. John Paul II College of Davao. Moreover, Abbas states that he would study day and night.

Image source: Sunstar

    Abbas only hopes that he can share this victory with his grandmother who passed away while he was a college student. He reveals that she had helped raise him and he wishes for an opportunity to repay her. However, the young achiever is filled with gratitude for his parents who supported him as he worked towards his goals. With that, Abbas states: “I know my parents went through a tough time just to send us to school. I  am very grateful because despite all the trials they made sure that we get  the education we deserve. I also would want to thank my relatives who supported us when we need them the most.”


Image source: Fahadale Abbas

    Achievers like Abbas prove that anything is possible with determination, faith, and unwavering resilience. He also advises parents to encourage and support their children on their journey towards achieving their goals as such, according to Abbas, will make a “difference”.