Farmer’s Son Becomes a Doctor, Inspires with Story of Reaching for Dreams


The son of farmers, Arenz Jade Docdocil would inspire as he becomes a doctor despite their poverty. His story would go viral, with many netizens hoping that they could also achieve their dreams even if they don’t have a lot of money.

In his post on Facebook, Docdocil narrated that his parents had always discouraged him from becoming a doctor because they know how expensive that would be. They were afraid that he is just dreaming big dreams that they can’t afford to support.

Photo credit: Arenz Jade Docdocil / Facebook

But the young man was determined to become a doctor, especially after hearing encouraging words from his grandfather who told his parents to sell their farm, if needed!

They did not have much money but when Docdocil persisted and enrolled with the course of Doctor of Medicine at Mindanao State University – General Santos, his parents actually supported him all the way. They reminded him that they might not have enough money to pay for his tuition fees and other needs, yet they did their best to provide for him, anyway.

Since I am stubborn and strong-willed, I still made a try, took my NMAT and applied in Mindanao State University – College of Medicine, the country’s most affordable medical school and the one exactly suited for me and for my parents’ pockets,” Docdocil admits.

However, while the school has minimal tuition, he soon discovered that medschool is still quite expensive.

Photo credit: Arenz Jade Docdocil / Facebook

Every week that passed by was a challenge for my parents to overcome. I am at least lucky that my family is very supportive to provide me my needs by exhausting all means available,” Docdocil narrates.

Despite all the aids given to support me and my education, including scholarship grant, my family still had a lot of sacrifices. It’s unfathomable how my parents survived the times when they have nothing left in their pockets.

According to Docdocil, his mother even had to forego surgery for adenomyosis so he wouldn’t have to quit his studies! Understanding her sacrifice, he tried his best to study harder.

That hard work paid off. He was awarded as First Honorable Mention when he graduated from Doctor of Medicine! As he comes closer to reaching his dreams, he thanks this parents for making everything possible.


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