Experts Believe Work-from-Home Setup Could Lead to Higher Stress Levels


Due to the COVID-19 crisis, a lot of companies have changed their setup so that their workers can work from home. This is believed to be the safest option to keep workers from contracting the virus because they don’t have to leave their homes and commute to work or meet people at their regular workplace.

But experts believe that the work-from-home setup could actually lead to higher stress levels, particularly for employees who can’t separate their house duties and work duties.

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Experts at the United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO) claimed that employees could experience higher stress levels as they work from home due to their perceived increased dependence on their work gear, including laptops and mobile phones.

Problem with Boundaries

Since they are at home and are more comfortable, workers could develop a habit of constantly checking their gadgets for updates on both work and social media. This could lead to a dependence on these gadgets instead of relying on their own capacity and capabilities to work.

Worse, the boundaries between work and their responsibilities for their family could become a blur, says Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) Employment Cluster Assistant Secretary Nikki Tutay.

Moreover, people might think you have a lot of free time now that you are simply working from home.

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It could be stressful kasi sometimes hindi na natin na-rerealize yung boundaries natin between work and family setup or household setup. So hindi mo alam na napo-prolong mo ’yung time mo for working or dahil nasa bahay ka anytime accessible ka,” Tutay explained.

Problem with Distractions

While at their regular workplace the workers are likely to focus on work, that’s a big challenge at home when there are so many distractions. The kids and spouse/partner or your parents can distract you from work with chats or demands to take your time and get your attention.

Aside from people as distractions, the workers have many others to deal with at home – such as the distraction of watching TV or feeling too sleepy because the bed is just a few steps away. Others are also distracted with food or other things to do around the house.

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With these many distractions, it could be difficult to find a conducive working environment.

Solving Work-from-Home Issues

Tardiness, lack of productivity, and even depression might be experienced due to high stress levels while working from home.

According to psychiatrist Dr. Randy Dellosa, workers who are having trouble with the work-from-home setup should develop a system, make sure to find time for rest to rejuvenate yourself to another workday, and to focus on work-life balance.

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