DepEd Survey Shows that Most Parents Prefer Modular Learning


Because President Rodrigo Duterte is not allowing face-to-face classes until at least January 2021 and due to protocols imposed to combat the rapid spread of COVID-19, the Department of Education (DepEd) decided to implement the so-called ‘blended learning’ which makes use of online classes and printed modules.

Though there were calls for an academic freeze this school year, the DepEd strongly disagreed with that and told parents that going back to school would bring normalcy in the lives of the students. However, going ‘back to school’ will not be the same as before because schools will have to be at home until the COVID-19 crisis ends, anyway.

While there remain parents who are against the idea and said they won’t enroll their kids this year, a DepEd survey showed that most parents prefer modular learning over face-to-face classes in physical schools.

Using the Learner Enrollment and Survey Forms (LESFs) that were given to parents and guardians as part of the enrollment process this year, the DepEd was able to determine that more than 8.8 million parents chose modular learning.

Meanwhile, about 3.9 million wanted blended learning in the form of a combination of two or more modalities.

Though 500k parents preferred other systems like face-to-face learning, 3.8 million parents wanted online learning, 1.4 million wished for educational TV, and 900,000 preferred radio-based instruction.

The survey is an accurate representation of the parents’ wishes since these were filled out by those who enrolled their kids this year to the public schools across the country.

“[The LESF] is an expanded version of the regular enrolment form which captures not only the basic profile of learners but also relevant survey questions for parents designed to profile the household in terms of their readiness for distance education,” the DepEd explained.

These data and information were used by every region, school division and school in designing their respective learning continuity plan particularly in making decisions on what learning modalities will be implemented.

The DepEd clarified once again that parents do not have to buy gadgets because modular learning tools will be made available to the students.


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