Dentist Honors Tricycle Driver Dad Who Sent Her and Now-Pharmacist Sister to College


For many people, education is the key to success. This is especially true for families who struggle with financial matters and could only encourage their children to study so they can have a better life in the future.

Recently, a dentist honored her tricycle driver dad who sent her and her now-pharmacist sister to college. Despite being a tricycle driver and struggling with his job, also juggling time to work in their farm, this hardworking dad was able to send his two kids to college.

Photo credit: Dr. Marga Santiago Suobori / Facebook

Dr. Marga Santiago Suobori happily shared that her father is a tricycle driver. Amid the noise made by vlogger Buknoy Glamurrr who laughed at tricycle drivers for not being successful in life, tricycle drivers like Dr. Marga’s dad prove that are wonderful people who can still provide for their families and help their kids find success in their own lives!

Though he is a tricycle driver, Dr. Marga revealed that her dad actually graduated from Marine Engineering while her mom is an accountant, yet her dad chose to be a tricycle driver so he can stay close to his family.

When it was time for her to pick a course in college, she thought of following her dream of becoming a flight attendant but her mother suggested she become an accountant to follow her footsteps.

Yet her dad envisioned a better future for her as a dentist. According to Dr. Marga, she hesitated because she knew how expensive that can be, yet her dad pushed her to enroll and promised to do everything to send her to school.

He fulfilled that promise, though that also meant waking up at 4AM each day so he could still spend time at his farm before coming back home by 6AM so he could bring his kids to school. Their dad saved every bit of money that he could – and never complained even when she had to ask for Php20k to buy dental materials. What a supportive dad!

Photo credit: Dr. Marga Santiago Suobori / Facebook

My father is a farmer and a tricycle driver and he’s my real life superhero. Nothing can change that,” Dr. Marga said.

She added that aside from her becoming a dentist, her sister also became a pharmacist – all thanks to their dad’s hard work as tricycle driver as well as the help of kind people in their lives…


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