American Boy Who Sent a Christmas Box to the Philippines Marries its Receiver 14 Years Later


Are you a fan of destiny? Do you believe in the Chinese myth about the invisible red string of fate that is said to connect two people who are destined to meet one another, regardless of time, place or circumstance? That this thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break?

If you don’t, then you might think again. Look at the story of this couple who started out as total strangers yet they ended up marrying each other.

Who would have thought that Samaritan’s Purse, or the box of goodies filled by American kids to be given to kids in other countries who are less fortunate, would connect two different people from different parts of the world? We must say that, SERENDIPITY and DESTINY are in charge of working here.

Photo credit: Tyrel Wolfe / Facebook

It was year 2000 when they’re unexpected love started, when young Tyrel Wolfe, living in Idaho, decided to fill the shoebox with stuffs together with his photo where he wrote his name and address. And maybe you know what happened next…The box was sent to the Philippines and was received by no other than the eight-year old Joana!

Photo credit: Tyrel Wolfe / Facebook

Grateful as she is, she sent a letter of appreciation to the address written in the picture but it seems like destiny doesn’t want them to meet yet. It doesn’t reach him and no one could tell why. Perhaps technology isn’t yet much accessible that time.

As the saying goes, we don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason. And in their story, what could have been the reason? Love shall it be. Because after a long time, when social media became a trend, Joana made a way to find Tyrel—and it’s on Facebook! So she wasted no time and added him. Do you think they become Facebook friends immediately?

No! Destiny only allowed them to communicate months after because Tyrel ignored her friend request at first. And like most of us do, they chatted one another until they built strong friendship which became the foundation of the romance that bloomed between them. Distance was never a hindrance to keep them apart. But of course, talking face to face is always better than talking through Facebook, Messenger or even Viber.

So after a year and half of messaging, Tyrel took a step and made his way to the Philippines! This is where their love grew in full bloom. This time, Joana couldn’t help but cry. Perchance, these are tears of joy coming from that amazing feeling she felt when she came face to face with him. Both of them knew right there and then that it wasn’t just chance that they found each other, instead, it was through God.

His first visit was followed again the next year. That’s when he finally asked Joana’s hand from her father. “Papayag po ba kayong pakasalan ko ang iyong anak na si Joana?” that’s exactly what he said in his American accent.

Photo credit: Tyrel Wolfe / Facebook

And after just 5 months, in October 2014, the two tied the knot!

And because it’s their key to their love story, the couple asked shoeboxes as wedding presents from their witnesses.

It only shows how life is so unpredictable! From a boy who just hopes to share his blessings and a girl who’s lucky to receive such present came a love no one could ever measure.

Like what serendipity means, Joana found something more valuable than the toys in the Samaritan Purse, she found something she wasn’t looking for, and it’s her friend, her man who is now her husband.

And to Tyrel, it wasn’t just mere coincidence, he believes that it is destiny, God’s plan that kept them connected to one each other even after so many years of being apart.

Just as Anais Nin said, you don’t find love, it finds you. It’s got a little bit to do with destiny, fate, and what’s written in the stars.

Source: Rachfeed / Tyrel Wolfe / Facebook


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