Alleged CPD Seminar Participants Sit on the Floor, Didn’t Get Snacks Despite Paying Php3,500


Participants at an allegedly overpriced CPD seminar had to sit on the floor and didn’t even get snacks despite paying Php3,500?

Seminars for Professionals

CPD stands for ‘Continuing Professional Development’, something that licensed professionals are supposed to do as part of their commitment to improve and update themselves to best do their jobs. It is also a requirement in the Philippines for professionals to renew their license.

But while the CPD law had good intentions, its implementation was something else. A lot of professionals are having difficulties renewing their license due to this requirement, especially because it was actually quite challenging (and expensive!) to complete the required CPD units.

Many professionals are complaining about the expensive costs of the seminars. Aside from the paying for the seminar fees, participants also need to pay for transportation and accommodation – both of which could get really expensive because the professionals come from faroff places across the country.

Sometimes, they don’t even get their money’s worth at those seminars. There are professionals who claim that the CPD seminars were not just expensive, they didn’t really learn something new or relevant to their position. Moreover, a lot of the seminars seem to be more of a ‘compliance’ thing rather than actually being useful for the participants.

Overpriced CPD Seminar

Photos of an alleged CPD seminar had surfaced on the internet, with one netizen claiming that the people sitting on the floor were actually civil engineers attending a CPD seminar, but the organizers were not able to provide enough chairs for all the attendees.

Moreover, the participants were not able to receive any food during the seminar, despite them fully paying the Php3,500 seminar fee!

Hungry, many of the participants wanted to go out and find food or at least buy from the venue, yet there was none available for sale inside the venue. The participants would have wanted to go out, but the organizers were strictly handling the attendance in all the sessions; they were unable to go out, fearing they might not even get their certificates for the expensive seminar.

The netizen who snapped the now viral photo shared that the organizers were quite inefficient and too strict in handling the attendance matter, with participants needing to get their ID scanned to check in per session!

Being late for more than 15 minutes already counts as a missed session, but the queues were too long that participants ended up late despite lining up early. So, many chose to stay inside the venue to complete the event, despite being hungry and not having proper chairs to sit on. Tsk. Tsk.


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