After Failing Exit Exam 6 Times, Guy Ranks #1 in Engineering Licensure Exams


If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!” – Old Proverb

That’s a popular saying that has become cliché to many, but it became a mantra to Aaron Polancos who failed the exit exam at his alma mater 6 times but ranked as #1 in the Engineering Licensure Exams! Now, isn’t that incredible?

As graduating BS Electronics Engineering student at Mapua Institute of Technology in Manila, Polancos struggled hard to pass the exit exam that’s a requirement for graduation.

Photo credit: Gineers Now

There is no limit as to how many times a student can take the exit exams, but he/she should pass the test to be eligible for graduation. At the time, Polancos was getting frustrated because no matter how hard he tried to study, he continued to fail. He felt the pressure to pass from his parents, but it was only on the seventh try that he was finally able to make it.

I’ve studied hard and failed miserably every time. In my seventh take, I have passed,” he admitted.

Considering the hardships that he experienced in taking the exit exams alone, Polancos did not really have high hopes in passing the board exams for his profession. Imagine his surprise upon learning that he actually got the highest score at the Electronics Engineering Licensure Examination in April 2017!

Polancos recalled that he was sleeping at the time the board exam results were released. At first, he could believe that he actually passed the board exams – and got the highest score! But he was soon happily screaming at the top of his lungs as the reality of the good news sinks in.

Photo credit: Gineers Now

For someone who struggled with passing the exit exams and not being an honor student, it was truly an amazing news for the new engineer. It’s a good thing he never quit. Congratulations po!


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