12-year old kid puts up school so that neighbors can study for free


Age is just a number. Age doesn’t matter. But, this isn’t just about romantic love, rather, it is humanity that we are talking about—humanity that no one expected would come from a 12-year old boy named Leonardo Nicanor Quinteros.

Leonardo is an ordinary boy with extraordinary compassion for his struggling neighbors. His compassion motivated him to build a school that offers free education to children in their poor community. Although he is only 12 years old, he still manages to perform his duties as both the teacher and the principal in his school.


He was able to turn his dreams into reality through the support of his grandmother whom he asked for help. Seeing the strong desire and determination of his grandchild to build a school where everyone gets the opportunity to study, his grandma allowed him to use the space beside their house in the poor town of Las Piedritas near San Juan in Argentina.

Meanwhile, Leonardo’s decision to put up a school was driven by his knowledge that most of the children in their community take more time to play than to learn. He is saddened by the fact that instead of attending school, the kids are on the streets.


Meanwhile, the school he put up is a small building with a small library, lockers and a bell. To some, this may only be something but to those who were given the chance to learn more and have a brighter future ahead, it is something they will always be thankful for.

Now, children are more inspired to go to school. They don’t miss classes anymore and they already develop the love for learning since the setting of Leonardo’s school was less formal than that of a regular school.


The 12-year old boy is only in secondary school yet his dedication to teach and help the children in their town is incomparable. He even extends class hours to accommodate his students who cannot attend regular classes in the morning so they wouldn’t miss a lesson.

His act of compassion already inspired millions of people. Leonardo’s school currently has listed 40 students—children younger than he is and even adults who long to study especially in his school that offers free education.

Source: Rachfeed

Photo credits: Youtube / Tiempo de San Juan